A good index is a vital part of a serious academic work. Some researchers might not want to read the whole book from cover-to-cover. The index helps them navigate straight to the information they need.

A professional index goes beyond names of people, places and events. Intelligently designed headings and sub-headings help to highlight connections that run through the text, bringing out the broader themes of your book.

  • We work closely with you to identify the terms and concepts that are most important in your work.
  • We bring a fresh pair of eyes to the text, anticipating the needs of readers who might approach your work in ways you have not anticipated.
  • We ensure the formatting of your index conforms to publishers’ requirements.

Helen Bell put together an index for my book on the rise of the Nazis. I was extremely impressed, not only with the finished product, but with the responsiveness and professionalism with which she completed her task. It was finished well before the deadline, and she showed herself to be highly flexible in meeting my specific requests. I would strongly recommend Ebor Editing.
Dr Alex Burkhardt, author of Democrats into Nazis


We offer the Society of Indexers’ recommended rate of £7.70 per 1000 words for an index to a straight-forward text. Costs might be a little higher for complex texts requiring more index entries.

However, we offer a discount if the indexer has also proofread your book, as much of the thinking about the index can be done whilst proofreading. So if you are thinking of getting an index made, it’s worth making sure the same person will be proofreading your book.

Please contact us for a quotation.

Many thanks  and my congratulations for the clever way the difficult problems of the index for Doxastic Dialectics were settled. I was especially satisfied by the idea of cross-references, which extend the possibility for a broader exploration of the content of the book. To accomplish an index is more than a professional work: it presupposes a power to comprehend the argumentative meaning of the author.
Dr Rodica Amel, University of Bucharest

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