Proofreading ~~~~~ Indexing ~~~~~ Research


To put it simply: it’s complicated! We sometimes charge per hour, sometimes per project (especially for books) . There are various discounts, e.g. for students, for longer manuscripts, or for clients from countries with weaker economies.

It also depends on how much work needs doing. For excellent English with only minor typos, the speed can be over 4000 words per hour. For texts needing a lot of work, speeds can be less than 1000 words per hour.

Our standard rates are £38/hour for commercial organisations, £35/hour for academic institutions, £30/ hour for individual academics and £26/hour for students, but we make quotations on a case-by-case basis. For a quotation, please contact us.


We offer the Society of Indexers’ recommended rate of £7.70 per 1000 words for an index to a straight-forward text. Costs might be higher for complex texts requiring more index entries.

However, we offer a discount if we have also proofread your book, as much of the thinking about the index can be done whilst proofreading. For a quotation, please contact us.


The standard rate for research is £50 per hour, £375/day, open to negotiation for larger projects. For a quotation, please contact us.

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